When you have started to form your company, you will need to choose which bank you prefer more to open your company bank account there. As you might know, it is mandatory for the director(s) of the company to be physically present in HK to meet up with the banker when opening a HK bank account. If you handle the whole process on your own, it could be quite time-consuming and distressing to prepare all critical documents and fulfill the requirements of your selected bank.

In order to smoothen the process, it would be great if you can get professional help from a reliable agent or business centre. At Bridges, we provide complimentary bank account opening services to all our HK company formation clients, with the following privileges and benefits :


1. Banking Partner Network:

Bridges has years of experience in cooperating with leading banks in HK such as HSBC, Hang Seng Bank, DBS, OCBC Wing Hang Bank, China Citic Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, etc. to open bank account for our clients. We will help our clients make appointment with the bank representative for meeting at our centre or nearby branch to handle the paperwork and save their time.


2. Professional Advice:

Each bank might have different requirements for different nationalities or different entity types when opening company bank account. Also, the minimum bank deposit amount is different among the banks. Based on our understanding of the client’s situation and needs, our professionals will recommend the client a suitable bank(s) to save much hassles and headaches, and provide the latest information of bank account requirements that the client needs.


3. Tips for Offshore Company:

To open a bank account for an offshore company, more criteria, documentation (e.g. certified true copies, Certificate of Incumbency) and proofs (e.g. business plan) might be needed. Our professionals are fully versed in this area and will advise our clients for preparation.


4. Speed Up the Process

Before the bank account opening appointment, we will advise the client of the documents needed to prepare (e.g. passport copy, residential address proof, business plan, etc.), so that the whole process could be sped up and the situation of missed documents is minimized. Some banks can even offer our client pre-screening to let you know whether your provided documents are sufficient for the bank appointment. In general, the assessment time will be around 2 - 4 weeks provided that all required supporting documents are submitted to the bank for review. Our team can manage all steps to make bank appointments for you and thus you don’t need to run around the city and queue up at your preferred bank. What’s more, we can introduce the Relationship Manager to you for taking care of your account moving forward.


5. All Accomplished in One Trip:

Can the client finish all company setup procedures and bank appointment in one trip? Definitely! As long as you have planned ahead with our consultant’s preparation, you can even meet up with the banker on the same day of picking up the company kit, which means you don’t need to fly to HK twice. But please be reminded that most conventional banks in HK require the businesses to make their account opening appointments 1 month in advance because of the banks’ full schedule, thus it is suggested you can finish incorporating the company first for us to help you make appointments with the banks right away, when all the details are confirmed, you can book the flight ticket to match with your bank appointment and company kit pickup date.

Or, if a HK bank account is not needed at this point (e.g. you have an overseas bank account already or you only require a HK bank account at a later stage), you can finish all company registration steps online with us in 2 - 10 days without being present in HK. Better still, you may apply for a corporate bank account from our online financial platform partners to quicken the bank account opening process.  

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